Dental Crowns in New Canaan

When a tooth is severely broken or damaged you might need more extensive work like a dental crown instead of a filling.

Dental crowns are almost always recommended when replacing large metal fillings. The dentist will than file your tooth down to below the gumline and make a porcelain cap for your tooth. The reason why the teeth need to be shaved down this much is to create a retention form that alongside cement, it will keep the crown in place.

Dental Crowns in New Canaan

Biomimetic Crown

With the advancement of adhesive dentistry, biomimetic dentists don’t have to rely on the shape of the preparation to keep the crown in place. We can create a very strong bond between the tooth surface and the porcelain thus preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.  

Dental Crowns in New Canaan

The Dental Crown Placement Process

This process begins with a consult and exam where we develop a plan for you.

At the first visit we will make you comfortable and numb the tooth. All existing fillings and decay will be removed and any cracks will be dissected and evaluated. If needed, a polyethylene fiber, Ribbond, will be placed on the cracks to aid in the dispersion the forces, reducing the chances of continuation of the crack. We than take a dental scan to ensure a precise fit for your tooth. At your next visit your crown is fitted and bonded and you can again, be confident about your dental health and your smile. If you have any questions about Dental Crowns in New Canaan, please call our office at 203-966-5313.