State of the Art Dental Technology

Intra-Oral Camera in

Intra-Oral Scanner

The Intra-Oral scanner allows us to take impressions without the messy impression material that may cause nausea or gagging. It can help us diagnose misaligned teeth and get treatments started much faster. Our scanner can also help us plan and build beautiful smiles to meet your treatment goals.

Intra-Oral Camera in

3D Printed Restorations

3D printed restorations are dental prosthetics and appliances fabricated using additive manufacturing technology, where digital designs are translated into physical objects layer by layer using biocompatible materials, offering precise customization and efficient production compared to traditional methods.

Intra-Oral Camera in

LightScalpel Laser

The LightScalpel laser is a surgical tool used in dentistry for precise and minimally invasive soft tissue procedures like gum contouring and lesion removal. It uses a high-energy beam of light to target water in tissues, resulting in efficient cutting with minimal damage to surrounding areas.